Personal Safety Workshop

This workshop will focus on situational awareness, self-defense, and problem-based learning exercises that will take students through a decision making model, focusing on risk management. You can expect to finish the workshop with tangible physical tools, as well as, communication skills to assist with challenging interpersonal situations.

Adult Workshops (18+)

This workshop is designed for adults and will have a lot of movement and practicing of physical self-defence skills.  We will be learning about how to listen to our own early warning system, as well as strategies for disengaging from uncomfortable situations.  We will help you to understand victimology and how some of your unconscious behaviour can increase your risk.  The ideal group size for a personal safety workshop is 15-18.  All abilities are welcome and physical skills can be adapted for the individual.  (4 hours)  

Equipment / Clothing required

  • Running shoes
  • Clothing that is easy to move in
  • Jewelry will need to be removed, especially earrings
  • Yoga mat -  If you don’t have one, please advise and an extra can be brought for you.  

Location requirements: the facilitator will require a space open enough to allow for the movement of 15-18 people.  

Youth Workshops

7-10 Years

This workshop is designed for parents to be with their kids. It will give them some strategies around how to communicate with each other about personal boundaries.  We will discuss aspects of bullying as well as tools for dealing with phones and on line concerns.  We will be utilizing games to explain some of the principles. (2 hours)

11-13 Years

This workshop focuses on learning to communicate your personal boundaries. This is such an important age for learning to verbalize when you feel uncomfortable as well as some tools for creating physical space when you need it.  We will also discuss bullying and technology in more depth.  We will do this with some case studies around the internet so they can better understand the risks. (2 hours)

14-17 Years

This workshop will focus on personal boundaries and learning physical self-defence tools to create space to get to safety.  We will be learning about victimology and decision making options should they find themselves in a challenging environment.  We will work through case studies about personal relationships, bullying and internet safety in this technology age. (3 hours)


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