Consulting Durga

Our purpose at Consulting Durga is to empower people to be their own prevention through understanding victimology and by re-learning trust in themselves, their perspective and their decisions.  We will accomplish this with a combination of physical skill building, case studies, and interactive discussions.  


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If you are interested on one-on-one or small group coaching in a specific matter, please contact Colleen directly to see what options are available.

About Colleen Mooney

Colleen has been in Law Enforcement for 16 years, presently as a Sergeant. For many of those years she has focused on training other police officers in officer safety skills, specifically firearms. Colleen has also spent 8 years re-integrating first responders back to the workplace after critical incidents. One of her career highlights was to complete an international deployment to Ukraine to train their new Tactics Training Officers. 

As a necessary part of her work Colleen has become an expert on personal safety and travel safety. She is passionate about helping people to enjoy life’s opportunities as they gain confidence in the tools they have learned and their ability to respond to the challenges our relationships and environment can provide.  Her varied experiences leading teams at home and abroad have given Colleen a unique perspective on leadership.  She thrives on being able to motivate groups with her energetic and humorous approach to team building.  

Colleen has a passion for traveling as a part of her self-care regime. Colleen will often travel alone, experiencing new cultures and off the beaten track adventures. Annually, she travels with university students to South America with the purpose of acclimating them to their new living environment and work area, or to debrief them prior to coming back home. 

Accolades and Recognition

  • Avenue Magazine's 2017 Top 40 Under 40
  • Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 
  • Recipient of the Beverly McLean Legacy Award for Volunteerism
  • Advisory Board Member of the University of Alberta Play Around the World Program

Who is Durga?

Durga is a the warrior goddess of protection and inner strength and a symbol of confidence. She is in each of us as a part of our personality. We can choose to draw on that fierce aspect of us when the situation calls for it.

Durga is depicted with eight, sometimes ten, hands, each with a different symbol or tool in it. These tools that Durga holds represent the powers within each of us to navigate the challenges life provides.


Her 8 hands represent:

  • Bow and Arrow: teaches us to be brave and take aim at the goals we have for our lives. To be fearless as we pull that bow to the full range of opportunity.
  • Trident: It is a symbol of balance between work, rest and play.  It reminds us that we can strike with precision when the situation warrants. Maybe we strike with words, or maybe it’s with movement.
  • Rosary: Requires us to take control of our own path and to set intentions for what we want and who we want in our life.
  • Conch: Asks us to be good listeners, to listen to our own wisdom, our own bodies, our environment and be discerning with the people we chose to have in our life.
  • Discus (Chakra:): Is the symbol of our intuitive power. It is a reminder  to be direct and honest about our needs. To metaphorically cut the head off the issues that get in the way of our goals.
  • Sword: a symbol of our own bravery to stand up for ourselves and face what scares us. It’s reach is a way to reinforce our boundaries and protect ourselves and our loved ones. It helps us to cut through our fears and free us from self doubt.
  • Mace: is a symbol of knowledge and authority, a fierce, undeniable demand to have your voice heard.
  • Thunderbolt: is a symbol of enlightenment and truth and as it strikes it leaves you with certainty of action and your convictions
  • Lotus: The lotus is born out of mud and the one Durga holds is not fully bloomed which symbolizes that we are always growing and being shaped by our experiences.  We have a choice about how we grow out of the mud in our lives.
  • Empty Hand:  That you remain open to accept the opportunities and challenges that come your way.

As a police officer, The goddess Durga really spoke to Colleen as a metaphor for all the different hats that we wear throughout our personal and professional lives. Sometimes the people she has worked with don’t realize that they have Durga in them too.  Our goal is to help you access that energy when you need it buffered by the tools that you will learn in our workshops, essentially learning to consult your own inner Durga.  There is so much for us to experience in this world; in our day to day lives and when we travel.  We want to help you be open to those experiences without fear or armouring.  We will help you build confidence in your own ability to perceive and manage risk so you can live the way you want.